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Features Of Development Of Motility Of Children Of Early Age With Deviations Of Psychomotor Development

This article discusses the features of the movement of children with early age disorders. Analysis of the literature on special pedagogy and psychology: the development of children with normal and deviations L.S .Vygotsky, G.Y. Treshin, V.L.Lubovskii, R. A. Suleimenova, A.K.Ersarina, T.G .Shedrin, L. Shippitsyn and other scientists. Scientific works on the structure of defects in the field of the field include L.O .Badalian, EGusev, M.V .Ippolitova, S.S.Lyapidovsky, E.Mastyukova, E.D.Homsky and others in his works. Psychological, medico-pedagogical consultations were given to children with the conclusion "Delay of psychomotor development". A special study was conducted to determine the characteristics of the movement and movement of children with anemia. For each direction, the following areas of research were identified: 1) General motivation: work, obstacles in work, fast work, sitting, standing, hiking, rock climbing, rock climbing, rock climbing, obstacles, jumping, running, jumping, throwing, the way of performing familiar gestures, the way of performing new gestures; 2) Fine motor skills: hold, throwing, hold small objects, combination of motor skills, drawing simple objects and when assembling eye-moving coordination. During the inspection with a researcher who knows the content of the teacher-defectologist. These conclusions are discussed with all relevant assessment recorded in the report. Information about the child is updated in cooperation with parents . The meeting with the child is held in the center with speech pathologists or in a common room several times. The duration of the meeting is 20 minutes to 35 minutes, so the tasks are distributed in volume, depending on the volume and complexity of the corresponding to each other. This result is important in the education of children in pre-school institutions with delayed psychomotor development, psychomotor development of children of early and early preschool age, as it allows to see the state of psychomotor development of children. Data obtained at an early age of children with disorders of support movement, development, education and training in specialized centers can be used in rehabilitation centers

deviations, psychomotor development, motility


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