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Since the first existence of humanity on earth, its dimensions, characteristics, materials used, etc. Even if it changes, it is possible to talk about a change and transformation from a primitive / primitive concept of space to today's complex space perception. With the effect of political, cultural, technological and social changes focusing on the 1960s, the art world has also entered into a change. In this period, artists have repeatedly questioned every field of plastic arts, especially through their new and original productions, and sometimes they have created striking, striking or disturbing productions in the production process / exhibition or meeting with the audience. This period changed both the technical possibilities of the work of art and the perception of space for the artists who focused on the more operational process by changing the dimensions of perception in themselves and in their productions. These variable meanings loaded on the space can be evaluated primarily as a recording area or even a memorizing area for the artist and the audience. Especially contemporary artists frequently use space and memory connotations. Changing living conditions, increasing population, cultural diversity and so on. City and city-related concepts, which also focus on subjects, are among the dynamic subjects of contemporary art. The main theme of memory draws the attention of contemporary artists in the process that focuses on the past, present and future in the context of the artist's productions and the meeting of these productions with the audience. From this point of view, the ceramics of the academic / artist Naile Çevik, who focuses on the phenomenon / theme of the city as a place of memory and made productions related to this subject in the interdisciplinary process, and Zeliha Kayahan's original individual applications in the printmaking works draw attention in terms of the productions made specifically for the city. The artists who work in the main themes of memory, city and space in contemporary art fields and their works were evaluated.

Contemporary Art, Memory, Space, City.


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