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New Synthetic Construction In Modern Kazakh Language

This article considers parcelled sentences, a syntactic structure widely used both in fiction and mass media. Research of parcelled sentences has recently started, its ways of formation and functions have been identified, but they have not been included in academic programs, and have not been studied in detail. While getting intoduced with works related to parcellation phenomenon, and analyzing the examples collected from literary works, it can be seen that constructions of all levels and all forms can be parcelled. Nowadays, the specific feature of the literary style is shortness and discontinuity of sentences. Short simple and complex sentences have become the most common syntactic units. In reverse, complex sentences with complicated structure are rarely used. The use of nominative sentences has also become frequent. Some authors are not contented with these short sentences, and also want to make the expressive-emotional flavour of their works more clear. As a result, the phenomenon of parcelling not only complex sentences, but also simple sentences is very popular. We can see a great number of examples of using parcelled constructions in literary works of such well-known writers as M.Magauin, O.Bokeyev, S.Smatayev, I.Zhakanov. The authors who use parcellation more rarely are I.Yessenberlin, Sh.Aitmatov, D.Issabekov, D.Doszhanov. However, these authors also used a few examples of parcellation. Classic writers M.Auyezov and G.Musirepov used parcellation a lot in their works. On more thing worth paying attention to is shortening not only the sentence to be shortened, but also the spare parcellate beyond the main construction. In case there are several homogeneous parts in the main sentence (structure), only one of them becomes a spare (parcellate), all other don’t come after it, and every part, every sentence isolated from the main construction becomes a separate parcellate. Despite parcellation means dividing the sentence into parts, it isn’t dividing the syntactically connected text into random parts, discontinuing or dividing the last part with no purpose. But if we analyze some of the examples, some parcellations seem to be the result of discontinuing and dividing the thought, but if we omit the full stop, the parcelled structure becomes a whole thing like the wagons linked to the train. This article considers the use of parcelled sentences in literary fiction. But, generally, this kind of sentences are widely used in mass media language, too. Parcelled sentences should be considered a research object further.

New Synthetic, Modern Kazakh Language


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