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The aim of this study is to reveal the importance of the briefs given by brands to agencies in advertising activities. As a method; the literature was searched and the relevant sources analyses were made. At the same time, interviews were conducted with leading advertising agencies in Turkey. In this context, the research method is qualitative research method. In this context, the research method is qualitative research method. Findings; in an environment where everything is so abundant, it differentiates itself by branding and managing brand processes well. Brands are also multi-layered and advertising is at the end of these layers. It is also very important that the motive idea is correctly displayed and spread organically. Creating ideas, on the other hand, is based on creating alternatives and rational data with the thought process that comes with the brief, which describes the focus well. As a result; the brand must know its problems well. It should give a brief to the agency that answers questions such as what, why, why, describes the target audience well, gives information about the market and its strategy, shows the advantages and disadvantages of the brand, and brings results in a short way by supporting it with data. This is the brand's mission. A good brief is the one that reads the mind of the consumer in the most accurate way and finds and reveals its most sensitive point. The agency's task is to determine the communication strategy and carry out the advertising activity.

Brand, Advertising, Advertising Agency, Communication, Brief


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