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The origins of the sport are tied to the beginning of humanity. The first sports in history, be it with or without a vehicle, are for defending and attacking. The presence of various equestrian games for acquiring the skills required for war and hunting practices is known and the most important of these is the equestrian javelin game, which has been promoted to an important competitive sports position in addition to being the most popular combat training tool among equestrian troops and the formative element of the festivals and ceremonies. The tool of this sport is a wand or pole, that is, a wooden material. Although historically a melee weapon, the light and short spears of the Turks were used as long-distance weapons. It is one of the rare war games still played today. This sport, which is a part of Turkish culture, is a sport played with horses. It was played both within the palace and in public in the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, until it was banned. The spear attacks and withdrawals during the tactics used by Turks in wars strengthen the possibility of the birth of this sport. It is an important weapon of Bozkurt tactics, which is applied in almost all field battles and has a very high percentage of success. Our study will focus on the possibility that this tactic, which was also known to have been practiced in the Battle of Carrhea in 53 BC, might have formed the basis for this game. In addition, an attempt to provide examples from other wars in Turkish War history will be made. The study will be carried out by scanning main sources and contemporary sources.

War, Spear, Javelin, Spor


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