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Inkjet Digital Printing Technologies Defining The Working System And Category Of Use Areas

Inkjet technologies have been used for simple office work, and they have been adding new innovations every day to reach a wide usage area. In parallel with the developments in digital printing technologies, the development in ink technologies has also had a major impact on the expansion of the field of use. The printing process, which was laborious, costly and limited in print quality before the inkjet system, has made great progress. Prior printing can be done on different thicknesses and hard products while printing with one dimensional flexible materials. As a result, paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramics, fabric, etc. for different sectors. A wide variety of materials can be printed on the fan. The working system of inkjet printing technology has been defined and categorized to create data for a variety of uses, lessons and different purposes. The classification is based on the product, material, ink and printing properties of the inkjet technology sectors. It is also aimed to draw attention to these printing systems by revealing the common usage area of inkjet digital printing systems. However, it is not easy and rational to make a classification with sharp lines nowadays where multidisciplinary production structures exist.

Inkjet printing, printing, industry, advertising, ceramics, glass, textile


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