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Today, humanity is putting up a great fight against a global epidemic. There is a great struggle with the coronavirus epidemic that affects life all over the world. In this period when life comes to a standstill, humanity is going through a difficult test. Every area of life, from economy to education, sports to social life, especially health, has been affected by the epidemic in social life. In addition to health, economy has been the area the most affected by the global epidemic. The sports industry, which is a part of the economic field and has an important place in the economy of the country, has been one of the most affected areas of this period. Due to the epidemic, there have been changes in the calendars of sports organizations and the organizations have been postponed to future dates indefinitely. Sports revenues, which have an important place in the economies of countries, and football revenues, which have a large share in sports, have been considered as an important loss in this process. In this context, the economic dimension of the subject has been examined in the study. In the study, an evaluation has been made on the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the sports industry and football economy, which had been chosen as a current issue. The effects of the coronavirus, which affects many areas today and can be addressed from different aspects, have been viewed from the perspective of the sports community. Since the topic, which is talked in sports world in terms of coronavirus, is economic dimension; economic dimension has been focused in the study.

Covid-19, Pandemic, Sports, Football, Economy


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