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Abdulrazak Gurnah is a Zanzibari-born fiction writer who has been concerned with the linkage between identity, culture and place to the reality of complex processes of capitalist modernity that have been consistently overlooked in the past by previous African writers. Gurnah, unlike Wole Soyinka and Ngugi Wa Thiong'o, has refused to ignore the formation of the new global world in today’s modernity since, in the contemporary post-colonial era, as a result of globalization, diversion, displacement, diasporic family perception and the quest for identity and belonging to a place have become the most concerning accounts rather than colonial experiences, nationality, language, or authenticity. Recent studies of Gurnah’s writing show that his style is dissimilar to that of Salman Rushdie or Hanefi Kureishi or other British writers. He does not perfectly fit the bill of a British fiction writer. Perhaps because his uneasy cultural positioning is too slippery to fit preferred bills. It would be intriguing to track, in relation to time, place and purpose, the versions and aversions of identity and belonging that inform these different studies. As a Zanzibari post-modernist and post-colonial novelist Gurnah, never hesitates to point out disturbing and upsetting details in his novels based on Zanzibari people and the places those people have dispersed to over time for various reasons. He precisely addresses the themes of exile, guilt, hybridity, displacement, silence, and identity in his last novels, especially in The Last Gift. In this paper, immigrant experiences of identity and causes and effects of individual silence will be explored through characters who are trapped between first and second generations and are constantly in search of new identities.

Migration and Displacement, Degeneration, Root Identity,


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