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With modern art, the artists have deviated from the effort to produce a permanent work and turned to new searches. With the art of performance, which interacts with futurism, Dadaism, surrealism, artists have reached the viewer directly and have removed the artists such as gallery, critic, curator and created an art field that is independent of the object of art. The artistic approaches that emerged after the 1960s presented alternative techniques and materials about artistry, not only as a reaction to formalism, but also by questioning previous assumptions. Thus the role of the artist and the spectator has been reformatted. Through the art of performance, which includes new art formations such as (Happening, Fluxus, Body art), the artist has been able to question the body, audience, time and space concept in a way that has never before existed in the context of social issues. It is a performance artistic viewer that does not limit the artist to certain patterns and spaces, and reveals intellectual narratives that destroy boundaries by not including art in alternative spaces. With performance arts, the concept of space has evolved into an artistic expression vehicle. Performance art, given by many artists with impressive examples, is a type of art that is followed and accepted with interest in today's art world. This study will focus on the notion of "space" as a means of artistic expression through impressive examples of performance art in this work, since it will not be possible to examine it in all its aspects with different performance tendencies and groups.

Performance art, Place, Happening.


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