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It has been possible to reach information about socio cultural structures, religious beliefs and senses of art of the societies living in different cultural regions both in Anatolia and outside Anatolia thanks to findings taken out as a result of archaeological excavations since the early periods of history. Throughout its historical development, settled life, which emerged for the first time in the period defined as Neolithic Period, made it compulsory for the communities to establish a system based on agriculture, animal breeding and production. With this important development, the societies of that time needed to produce and use ceramics. It is possible to reach the information about senses of art of the communities thanks to not only some archaeological findings but also some ceramic findings. It is understood that the painted ceramic tradition emerging in Anatolia with Neolithic Period exhibits differences in terms of material, technique, motif and sense of decoration in different cultural regions. Chalcolithic painted ceramics tradition in Anatolia bears great importance since it reveals painted ceramics production techniques and sense of arts in societies in different cultural regions. Within the context of the study, an evaluation will be tried to be done about painted ceramic findings taken out as a result of archaeological excavations carried out in Central Anatolia, West Anatolia and Marmara Region. Within the cover of the investigation, painted ceramic findings taken out in the archaeological excavation activities in Ilıpınar, Orman Fidanlığı, Demircihöyük, Çatalhöyük Batı, Kuruçay, Hacılar and Beycesultan will be studied. Within the context of the study, the production techniques, forms, motifs and senses of decoration of the painted ceramics taken out in the end of the archaeological excavations in different regions of Anatolia and dated to Chalcolithic Period will be emphasized and tried to be evaluated. Evaluation about senses of art appearing as a result of commercial, economic and socio cultural relations established between different regions together with local production and senses of art related to tradition of painted ceramics take out in the end of archaeological excavations in Anatolia in Chalcolithic Period.

Anatolia, Chalcolithic, Painted Ceramic Tradition, Sense of Art, Motif.


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