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The Effect Of The Breach Of Psychological Contract On The Glass Ceiling Syndrome

In the roots of working life woman come across social pressures of gender perspective, attitude and judgement. This behaviour and judgement has been a barrier for a lot of woman. Woman in businesses also struggle about high position jobs as there is a so called qualified “glass ceiling”. The expectation between employee and employers, their forming non-written responsibilities, depending on trust abstract and emotional bond involving contracts forms a psychological contract in these business. Employees to the business and the business to the employees have necessary requirements, the employees are aware of these psychological contracts elements but when these are breached then, employee’s behavior and attitude still change. The aim of this work was to find physiological contract breaches effect on glass ceiling syndrome. Firstly links to the concepts literature has been examined and theoretic infrastructure has been formed. As a data collecting director survey has been chosen and analysed. In this work as a sample in Kahramanmaras special security firm’s selected 287 security worker contestants which responded to a survey and results were sent to SPSS and analysed using this programme. In the study, results were obtained by using analysis such as frequency, t-test, correlation, ANOVA and regression. Psychological contract breaches, sub-dimensions of glass ceiling syndrome concepts and demographic characteristics of participants were included in this study. As a result of the analyzes made, it is concluded that psychological contract breach has an effect on glass ceiling syndrome and glass ceiling syndrome also has effect on psychological contract breach.

Psychological Contract Breach, Glass Ceiling Syndrome, Psychological Contract


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