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New Position of The Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) in Turkish Presidential System

The latest Constitution Amendment adopted by referendum on 16 April 2017 Turkey, which eliminates the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA-TBMM) or at least to neutralize reducing a great deal of power and authority within the democratic system, and claims many manipulative virtually case will affect a symbolic position has been suggested. With the transition to the Presidential System in 9 July 2018, the position of the parliament in Turkey where is experiencing a change and had happened, to expose the issue of whether it is in favor of this change of Parliament, is of great importance in terms of understanding toward the new government and implementing systems. It is important to note in the new government system that the Assembly has not been reduced to an ineffective position in the two main legislative functions: law enforcement and government control. Within the scope of this study, the legal analysis of the approaches that the TGNA has been given a more powerful and autonomous constitutional status in terms of performing these basic and other functions will be done. The Presidential System provides a basis for a more robust and realistic separation of powers from the previous legislative-executive image of the previous period. With the operation of such a separation of powers principle, the government's accountability against the Parliament will be increased. The 2017 constitutional arrangement aims to bring the TGNA to a more powerful, independent and supervisory position than it was before. Therefore, it should be noted that the discourses that this constitutional regulation abolished the TGNA or minimized the powers and powers of the Assembly have at least a constitutional and legal basis. The implementation of a more powerful, independent and supervising Parliament, which is among the objectives of the new government system, is politically and effectively realized.

Presidential System, New Position of Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA-TBMM), Duties and Powers of TGNA (TBMM), 2017 Constitution Amendment, Legislative Body.


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