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The last quarter of the twentieth century has settled in memories as a period of rapid and radical changes. These years have been a period witnessing very different developments both in economic policies, and in cultural and social life. In this period, on the one hand, while the collapse of the eastern bloc, with the liberal policies (such as privatization and liberalization) while were passed to the free market economy; On the other hand, the issue of globalization has created a new agenda. So much so that; this rapid change has been a driving force also in globalization as well as in the computer and communication technology. At the technology developments such as tele shopping, tele banking, tele mail and the world internet, electronic trade, e-goverment etc. has found itself in a completely digital platform with applications. With the global development of communication networks spread thanks to information technologies, which are the pioneers of the digital world, the new economy, which is described as “digital economy” and “information economy”, has emerged, in other words, the concept of digital economy. The new economy is a digital economy. Globalization and developments in technology have been effective in the emergence of this digital economy approach. In the digital economy process, which we encounter as a new concept, all kinds of texts, sounds, images and information are transmitted by computer networks in a very cheap and fast way, and with this, people can perform all kinds of information and operational operations across the ocean with just one click of a button. In this article, firstly, the dimensions of the change in information and communication technologies will be analyzed theoretically. Finally emphasis featured e-trade in the digital economy segmentation of the European Union and Turkey; will be evaluated in terms of Digital Economy and Society Index(DESI).

Digital Economy, Digital Technology, E-Trade


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