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Sovereignty is one of the most vital foundations for the states in general. A state should protect it for all costs no matter the danger and risk. But to protect its sovereignty and independence, a state should make allies and conduct diplomatic, consular and friendly connections with other states. For this purpose, a state must create an environment and connection that is reliable without affecting their sovereignty or independence. The question is, what happens if these connection for diplomacy starts to affect their very own foundations as a state for the sake of safety and survival. The fraction of this kind of risk against the independence can lead to disasters but according to the international and EU laws, we can expect nothing but diplomatically optimistic ideas in general for a better future. But states should always be ready for any kind of gaps and dangers against their sovereignties, between the agreements and laws that are presented over them. For this purpose, we shall observe and deep dive over these ideas for to seek if there are any dangers over the sovereignty of states with a case of EU’s Consular Laws.

Consular Law, EU, Sovereignty.


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