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Although eulogy (ode) is a common form of poetry, especially in eastern languages, it is widely used in poetry. Eulogy is by definition to praise statesmen and elders. There are various chapters inside, these chapters are “marsiya, satire, honorary, mahdiya, na’t, munajat and tawhid”. Eulogy ends with “Dua.” The poets who sing eulogy is called “qasida-gu” and eulogies are written in couplets. Its rhyming is "aa, ba, ca, da .." and the number of couplets varies between various numbers. The first couplet is called "matla" and the last couplet is called "maqta" in verse form of eulogy. One of the most important eulogy in Classical Turkish literature XIII. It is "Divan-ı Kebir" written by Maulana Jalaleddin Rûmî in the 21st century. Along with Maulana Jalaleddin-i Rûmî, his euologies are among the eulogies of Ahmedî, Şeyhî, Necatî, Fuzûlî et. Every century poems were written by important poets in the form of eulogy to poetry. Eulogy showed great development in the XV. century. Eulogy, which is a verse form of classical Turkish literature, is also included in the Urdu literature, which is among the eastern literatures and has a rich history. In Urdu literature, eulogy by definition means to praise someone in an exaggerated way. The eulogy is similar to the gazel poem form in terms of its type and structure. Parts of the poetry of eulogy in Urdu literature consist of Tashbib, Garaz, Medh, Dua. The first couplet of the eulogy is called “Matla” and the last couplet is called “makta”. The number of couplets in the eulogy is at least fifteen, but there are also couplets in very high verses. Among the writers of eulogy to Urdu literature are Mohammed Kuli Kutb Shah, Gavvasi, Nusrati, Rustami, Malik Hoshnud, Mir Taki Mir, Mirza Rafi Sauda, Vali, Zauk, Insha, Mushai, and Mevlana Hali. is located.

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