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Islam as the official state religion of the Turks, after they accept the Qur’an as a whole has been translated into Turkic. The emergence of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, M. 6-7. Centuries have come across. The official state religion of Islam among the Turks as the nearly three centuries after the birth of Islam corresponds to. Exception of some Turkic tribes and small communities would be held if the official state religion of Islam as an independent state, the first Mus-lim Turkic Idil (Volga) is a Bulgarian state. Indeed, the first independent Turkic-Islamic state, Idil (Volga), the Bulgarian Khanate, Islamic countries, completely away from the years and this religion is adopted Bulgarian territory Islamic geography that is joined to the Bulgarian nation, the Abbasid Caliphate’s moral authority had adopted. Later Qarak-hanids, Ghaznavids and Seljuks Turkic-Islamic state, has emerged as. With Islam as the state religion of the Qur’an translated into Turkic, was to accelerate the work. With Islam as the state religion of the Qur’an translated into Turkic, was to accelerate the work. In this way, the protector of religion as a state institution for the translation work has also gained a formal qualification. The first translation of the Qur’an into Turkic is often the so-called line-search technique using the vocabulary words were translated. Arabic words in Qur’an to each is given in Turkic. This method, called line-cross early in the first trans-lation of the Qur’an is the common translation techniques. Qur’an translation in Transoxiana in default on the transla-tion is based on bilingualism. In other words, this region has been a translation of the Qur’an in the Arabic word for money is given to both Turkic and Persian. X. century Persian and Turkic, Samarkand, Bukhara region was located in the common language of culture used. In this region today is the question of Persian domination. This paper aims to trace the presentation, characterisation, language and importance in our cultural life of the copy of Uzbekistan which is one of the oldest Turkic Qur’an translations. This work, on which we have been conducting a doc-toral study, is also important in terms of the first time to be discussed and examined.

The Earliest Translations of Qur’an in Turkic, With the Turkic-Persian Interlinear Translation, The Qarakhanid Turkic, The Uzbekistan Copy of old Turkic Qur’an, Persian Language, Turkic Language


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