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Interaction between countries has increased with the effect of globalization. As a result of the interaction between countries, cultures have also started to be influenced by each other. In recent years, people have to migrate to different countries and different geographies due to compulsory reasons such as war, natural disasters or optional reasons such as creating new job opportunities and education. These migration movements naturally caused people to carry their own cultural values and living conditions to the countries they went to. With the change in the social structure, cultural wealth has increased and countries have started to shape their policies on the axis of multiculturalism. Along with social and cultural studies, multiculturalism has started to be discussed especially in the field of education. The basic starting point of the study prepared based on this is the necessity for states to take into account the idea of cultural richness and multiculturalism in their educational policies. The main claim of the study is that students gain values such as love, sharing, tolerance, compassion and respect in schools, based on the idea that different cultures should be approached with respect and tolerance in education systems where the understanding of multicultural education is prioritized. Based on this claim, the main purpose of the study is to evaluate the issue of multiculturalism in the Turkish education system and curriculum through Primary School Life Science and Social Studies books. First of all, conceptual information on the subject of multiculturalism was included and the issue of multiculturalism in education was examined. Finally, Primary School Life Science and Social Studies text books were evaluated in the axis of multiculturalism. The data source of the study, which was prepared using the document analysis technique, one of the qualitative research methods, is the first, second and third grade Life Studies text books of 2019 and the 4th grade Social Studies text book, and the education curriculums and programs of the related collections. The data obtained by examining the relevant curriculum and boks were subjected to qualitative content analysis, the findings were tabulated and put into information. In the result of the study, emphasis on multiculturalism is included in the general objectives, explanations and acquisitions of the Life Science and Social Studies courses; It was determined that the concept of multiculturalism as an out come was emphasized more in Social Studies lessons and lesson resources compared to the Life Science lesson.

Multiculturalism, Education, Multicultural Education, Life Science Lesson, Social Studies Lesson.


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