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In this study, the views of psychological counselor candidates about the elderly and services for the elderly were examined and the importance of psychological counseling and guidance services for the elderly was tried to be highlighted. This research was carried out in phenomenology design, one of the qualitative research designs. Research data were collected by semi-structured interview technique, one of the qualitative data collection techniques. The interviews were conducted with 70 participants. Content analysis was used in the analysis of the data. The findings were discussed considering the literature, and suggestions were made for application and further research. This research was carried out with the participation of 70 psychological counselor candidates attending the Faculty of Education of a university in Ankara in the 2019-2020 academic year. Sixty-three of the counselor candidates taking part in the study were female and seven were male students. According to the results of the research, the opinions of the psychological counselor candidates about the old age and old age services are positive. According to another result obtained from the study, all of the psychological counselor candidates stated that they want to work as a psychological counselor in the field of counseling with the elderly after graduation. According to the opinions of the psychological counselor candidates and the literature review; Psychological counseling and guidance services should be increased in our country for the social and psychological development of the elderly.

eldery, counseling with elderly, counseling


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