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Man has lost his sense of hearing and touch to a great extent and has been reduced to the sense of vision.It should not be wrong to define today's societies, digital society and the current century as the digital century. In the first half of the 20th century, mass communication began to be created by the invention of radio and television. However, the increasing use of a wide range of information and communication technologies today has brought risks and threats in various dimensions to the extent of information safety that facilitates many processes in economic and social life. In a digital age where many people are mobile and online, social media, which is free and unique without the limit of sharing and communication, is extremely important in terms of opportunities. It also opens its doors to education, research and providing information. Social media has a significant impact on individuals, societies, countries or even the entire world. It is observed that, as in the whole world, computer and mobile communication technology and devices are becoming increasingly used in our country, it is observed that those who use these technologies and systems are not aware of the risks and threats that may be against information safety. The primary and common goal of individuals, societies and states; to be self-preserved, to take measures against the hazards that may arise, to be able to sustain its existence; in short, to ensure safety. In this respect, safety is a necessity that human beings can not give up in any way. This paper focuses primarily on the internet and communication technology from a conceptual and historical perspective and the importance of communication safety in terms of individuals and societies by using literature method.

Social Media, Communication Safety, Internet, Society


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