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With the effect of globalization, the increase in logistics activities has become very important for businesses competing in the international market to deliver their products and services to the target market and consumers at the right time, in the right amount and at the right price. In this conjuncture, logistics villages, where all logistics activities are together, are of great importance. Logistics villages are centers that enable logistics activities to be carried out effectively and efficiently and directly contribute to the country's economy and the productivity of businesses. Logistics villages, which were first established in America, spread to Europe and then to the world as of the 1960s. Efforts to logistics village in Turkey The Turkish Republic State Railways in 2007 (TCDD) was initiated by. Turkey in the management of existing public and private sector and planned logistics park located in 27 pieces, 11 of them are open to business from them. 9 of the logistics villages that are open to operation are operated by TCDD, and 2 of them are operated by the private sector. Logistics villages have a very strategic importance for countries and businesses, as they offer businesses the opportunity to be more efficient and productive, and to work in a more coordinated manner with other systems. This study dealt with the concept of logistics village, examined the characteristics of the logistics park management and information is given about logistic villages in Turkey.

Logistics village, logistics village management, logistics village applications in Turkey


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