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In the present study, it was aimed to find answers to the following questions: “what are the natural and human conditions that identify the geographical distribution of the Kağızman Long (Uzun) Apple, the level of its production status and what can be done for its sustainability?” The Kağızman Long Apple, which is a local product identified with the Kağızman district of the Kars province, is one of the apple varieties specific to Anatolia. The Kağızman Long Apple, which has gained its shape and aromatic taste through integrity with the geographical and cultural features of the endemic place, has come to be transferred as an important cultural heritage from the past to the present. "Kağızman Long Apple", which has been produced on a limited scale until recently, and has been forgotten, started to become a product of interest after it was registered as a geographical indication in 2017. The long apple, which is cultivated only in the Kağızman District in our country, is both an economic resource with its high potential and an alternative to apricot in fruit growing. There are a total of 8265 long apple trees that belong to 168 farmers along the valley bases and deposit areas formed by the Aras River and its branches and sheltered thanks to the climate. The vast majority of the apples grown are marketed to the immediate local towns and cities. However, with its increasing popularity and recognizability, the fruit has started to find a place on the shelves in the fruit departments in big cities. In order to be able to meet the expectations of the Kağızman Long Apple cultivation, which is carried out as a traditional farming activity, insufficiencies such as irrigation, cold storage, becoming a cooperative and marketing must be eliminated.

Fruit Growing, the Kağızman Long Apple, Geographical Indication


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