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Articulation At Measureless Folk Song In Arguvan Dialect

Although Arguvan's dialect, which has an important place in Turkish Folk Music, has not spread over a large area in the country, it has also become widespread in its own provinces and also in the surrounding villages, towns and provinces. Arguvan folk music Festivals and vocal competitions made in recent years have attracted attention with Arguvan dialect folk songs / discoloration of the dialect in terms of discourse, so far the insufficiency of the studies on the mouth of Arguvan more serious and extensive work on this issue has been made by us. In our study, a field study was conducted in order to be fed from the people of the region grown in Arguvan soil and to reach the right source for the dialect feature. Personal interviews were conducted in the Arguvan dialect melodies and transcript signs were created using the comparison method. How the free melodies in Arguvan's dialect has a character. In order to be able to give answers to these questions and to clarify this issue, the free melodies in the special assembly cassettes were examined one by one. In order to draw attention to the articulation according to the dialect characteristics of the works, the words with the transcription signs were determined one by one. According to the feature of Arguvan dialect, a source has been created for researchers who want to develop the way of discourse and to study on the subject.

Measureless folk song, Arguvan dialect, transcript, articulation.


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