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The Problem Of Time In The Representation Of The Turkic Peoples

This article examines mythological conceptions of the world according to the Turkish people on the basis of their understanding of space and time.They viewed the world as divided into four corners – a division which persists to this day.Moreover, in the knowledge of the Turkic nations, the phraseology of the time and space is represented by seven-day weeks, twelve four-weekmonths, and twelve-year-old cycles. There is a generallaw of common Turkic languages. vocabularies, and basic linguistic systems, as well as a similarity between the laws of change, development, and formation of relative languages. For this reason, the laws of development for the linguistic network. system, vocabulary. and structure of any Turkic language can not be separated one from another. The concept of "time" that is formed in a figurative manner in the Kazakh identity is based on the lifestyle, customs and perceptions of eachnation. After the introduction of Islam, there were criteria that reflected the time of religious affiliation. It is a criterion applicableto today's religious beliefs, namely prayer, fasting, and so on.. Here are five times of prayer: 1)morning (Bam'dad), which is the time when the sun isrising, the moment when the sun is appears above the horizon, 2) noon, the moment when the sun is directly above, 3) the sunset, (when the sun stands, when it is near the horizon), 4) Fasting (night time), fasting time (time after the sun has set), 5) breakfast (about 4-5 o'clock in the morning) as they say. This is not just the Kazakh nation, but the conceptionof time in the knowledge of all Turkic-speaking Muslim peoples. The year count is also directly related to the conception of the early Turkic-speaking peoples

Representation, Turkich people


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