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Raise The Quality Of Knowledge Using A New Technology

In this article, it is clear that at any time, the educational system faces great challenges by the development of society. Because by the development of education, you will find a way to the prosperity of the nation. Nowadays, the educational methods and the amount of education are constantly changing and developing in connection with society change. New pedagogical technologies include technology of humanization of education, educate by explaining, advanced technology, analyzing and selecting technologies, analyzing and selecting technologies based on mandatory results, modular learning technology and advanced learning technology. Teaching the students to be self-motivated, the development of their cognitive abilities. The purpose of the optimization technology is to create and develop the cognitive force of the child. The advanced teaching technology is directed to educate, analyze, and overcome the obstacles by students. Teaching by analyzing and selecting gives to student the opportunity to choose the level of study. At present, the peculiarity of pedagogical science is the aspiration for the development of new educational technologies aimed at the personal development of the child. It is impossible to be a competent, versatile specialist until you master the advanced training technologies on the area of knowledge. Learning new technology will help the teacher to organize the intellectual, professional, moral, spiritual, civic and self-motivated learning process effectively. New technologies are an exciting and high-quality way to keep track of the learning subjects. The introduction of effective technologies in the training system of the learning system is a requirement of nowadays. In this case, it’s clear that all important purposes of teacher will be realized and as a result the individual with high potential will be formed. Innovative works, modern searches give a positive outcome to knowing each student's abilities. Our teachers are well aware of the structural peculiarities of the program "Developing the critical thinking by writing and reading" to deliver the targeted pedagogical goal. The teacher will be able to divide the lesson into the learning processes, to arouse the interest of the student's in the subject, to understand and to learn, to pass the new material through the stage of thought, and to give the student self-esteem, comparisons and conclusions. In this type of pedagogical technologies, the goal is to organize student's search and research activity. Modern teaching technologies should be widely used by teachers who correspond to modern requirements to improve the quality of education.

technology, diagnostics, leveling, differentiation, development, advanced, modularization, humanization, critical thinking.


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