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COVID-19, a pandemic declared by World Health Organization, and is soon expected to completely reshuffle the world order, given the changes the nation-states are going through. The main aim of this paper is to demonstrate how the pandemic like COVID-19 is shifting the priorities of the countries from everything else to health sector; doctors are celebrated as the heroes of the nations, there are no more army talks, allies that would supply arms and ammunition to each other, supply masks, test kits and vaccines now. The superpower like United States seems to be losing its battle with the COVID-19, recording the highest number of positive cases and deaths. The National health sector of a country is becoming a new standard of measuring the development of the country. National security is no more the concern, the health security is though. Regional organizations like EU is showing the signs of split by not being in solidarity with its member states. Global organisations like the United Nations formed by the states no longer gives confidence to the states. This article evaluates the developments in the COVID-19 process and analyses that the world order will change after COVID-19. The world order predicts that it will cease to be unipolar or bipolar and that there will be new actor states that will balance each other in a multipolar order. Some of these actor states will take an active role in their regions while a few others will take an active role in the world. Moreover this paper will also discuss the opportunism of China to take the throne of world order, while America seems to be busy fixing its health crisis.

Covid-19, World Order, Global Politics


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