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The world’s biggest video hosting site, Youtube, was purchased by Google for 1.65 million dollars, which was a record price for the time, just one year after its establishment by three entrepreneurs on 15 February 2005. Today it has gone beyond being only a website and grown into a giant video broadcasting platform. The most important feature of Youtube, which contains television shows, video blogs, educational and informational videos along with the music content, is to host “user generated content”. Youtube has become the biggest video hosting platform in the world in thirteen years from 2005 to 2018 and played a significant role in the convergence of the traditional broadcasting with new media, particularly with the music industry. Superseding the traditional media, Youtube, led to the emergence of a new type of video broadcasting, a new business model and a new way of music broadcasting. In this study, a descriptive research was used to identify young peoples’ usage of the Youtube platform. The answer for the question “does Youtube threaten the presence of the television medium or does it add variety to the distribution channels of television” was searched. In this regard, a questionnaire was prepared and conducted to university students that were chosen randomly in the sample of Istanbul, Turkey. The aim of the questionnaire was to measure the Youtube usage habits of university students. The first part of the questionnaire consists of demographic questions about the sampling and the second part consists of the questions investigating the modes and the purposes of the Youtube usage. In the third part, university students were asked an open-ended question in order find out what they think about the thesis which claims that this platform will replace the traditional media. Their addiction level was measured through the question that examines how the students would react if Youtube, which can be used for free in most cases today, becomes a paid service. In the study, conducted on March 2018, SPSS 21.0 statistics program was used to analyse the questionnaire and then the data obtained was interpreted. It was concluded that university students have positive opinions about Youtube and Youtube is becoming a competing environment that threatens the television, which is the most important medium of traditional media and in the last part of the study, some suggestions regarding future were made.

Youtube, Digital Communication, Y Generation, New Media, Television, Video Broadcasting


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