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Whether it's local or national newspaper headlines, a journalist is the most important figure in the reader's attention. It is necessary to write this lecture by giving the required artifact and writing it with the least mistake. From this point of view, it is necessary for the reporter who writes the headlines to be more selective, to wiggle and to weave frequently. In this study, the headline news of Bingöl Newspaper, which is a local broadcast in Bingöl province, has been examined. The news has been handled in terms of writing and pointing as well as news writing techniques. The study was conducted in Bingöl Gazetesi between 01 January - 30 January 2018. However, research is limited to headline news. The news on the inside pages of the newspaper and the other news on the first page were not included in the study. The reason for including news headline news in the study is that the headlines are a more remarkable element. The headlines that make up the pages of the newspapers are the most important element that sells the newspapers when they are well written. If the news grammar rules are taken into consideration during news writing and if the news is created by adhering to the news writing rules, the event to be conveyed is given more clearly. Thus, the reader is not left with a question mark in the head of "What is it?". From this point of view, a news writing mistake made in both headlines and in the news content brings with it the impression that the reporter who writes the news in the reader is uninformed. In the study, news was analyzed by means of content analysis. As a result of the review, Bingöl Newspaper's news, spelling and punctuation did not fit very well and did not give the necessary headlines.

Bingöl Newspaper, News Error, Manuscript News, Content Analysis.


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