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Missionary is the form of the Crusades that has changed the front and gained continuity. The first architect of the Crusades was Pope Sylvester in 1002. Byzantine Emperor II. With Mihail's request from Pope Gregory VII in 1074 for help against the Muslim Seljuks, the Crusades entered the agenda of the West. On November 18, 1095, Pope Urban II decided to start the Crusades by gathering more than 400 priests, including 14 Monastery chief priests and 250 regional priests in France, and they dispersed to various countries to provoke the people. The main objective of these expeditions, which target Jerusalem on the condition that it masquerades as religion, is to plunder and destroy the material and spiritual wealth of the Middle East and surrounding regions and to possess valuable underground and surface mines. Crusaders arrived in the Sharif region of Jerusalem on July 15, 1099, massacred 100,000 Muslims, patched everything on their way, burned, destroyed and brutally murdered. Missionary, looting, unnamed Crusades in and around the Middle East sometimes stop, sometimes regress, sometimes seem to regress, but in fact, they continue on their way by advancing towards their goal.

Key Words: Missionary, Jesuits, Crusades, Ottoman Empire


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