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The article studies the peshrov songs which are famous in Shirvan ashug sphereone of the ashug environments of Azerbaijan and peshrevs belonging to Turkish folk music. The word "peshrov" means "beginning", "leading" and has an introductory nature. The number of peshrovs is 7, and they are performed to announce the opening of the ashug assembly and wedding ceremony. The peshrevs play the role of introduction to a certain series and the Chapter. Traditional and modern Turkish peshrevs is many, they differ from each other mainly by the name of the author and point. Yegakh peshrev of Tanburi Boyuk Osman bey, nihavand peshrev of Kanunu Mehmet bey and so on. The connection of the song with the makam and the author's name is also present in the peshrovs. "Shur peshrovu" reflects the name of the makam, "Ibrahimi peshrov", and "Bilal peshrovu" reflect the name of author. The form features of peshrov and peshrevs are slightly different. Peshrevs consist mainly of 4 cells - sections of equal length and size, and these sections are completed by a piece of so-called "mulazima" of a chorus nature, which does not go beyond the main plot. The third section is called "miyanhane" being different from others. The peculiarity of this section is the variability of the plot. The song-couplet form plays a key role in the structure of Azerbaijani peshrovs. The metric size is divided as 6/8. Turkish peshrevs are mainly of complex (28/4) metric size, such as Devr-i-Kebir. All this gives reason to say that peshrovs and peshrevs origin from same roots and are formed in the musical culture of each nation in a peculiar way.

peshrov, peshrev, makam, environment Shirvan Ashugs, song.


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