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Capitalism, being one of the most widespread economic systems of our time, has not only become a phenomenon affecting economic processes, but has also interacted with consumption associations, social infrastructure, and even political systems. Mediatic systems, technological progress and even human intertwines, have continued to develop and develop since the beginning. In Marx, he criticized capitalism, which he thought was dominating everything and expressed certain predictions about progress. The aim of this study is to explain the concepts of labor, alienation, class struggle and mechanization within the framework of Marx's critique of capitalism. According to Marx, with the increasing use of the machine, capitalist systems have found more opportunities to become widespread and machines have reduced the need for human beings in time. This situation has resulted in the total devaluation of labor. In the framework of Marx's critique of capitalism, Marx's bourgeois and proletarian distinction, production-consumption, private property concepts will be explained, then the meaning of machine for Marx, its place and development in the system, and finally how conditions in the form of this developing industrial production of the worker, including women and children and the difficulties faced by the worker. In this study, it will be tried to explain how economic and technological developments change the structure of the human and its society.

Labor, Alienation, Capitalism, Machine, Value, Human.


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