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It is not easy for organizations to keep up with the changing age. It is not possible for organizations to adapt to the changing age and keep up with the change, especially with the classical managerial attitudes used today. In this period, in which the feelings and thoughts of the employees have gained importance as well as skills and knowledge, the importance of executive individuals in the understanding of management increases. Along with the developing living conditions, managers need to be a good emotion manager as well as their existing roles. Manager and management success is possible today by establishing strong human relations and managing these relations well in order to reach the goals. It is known that people, not machines, are used to achieve success in educational institutions. Emotion, enthusiasm and excitement of individuals are very important elements in the process of achieving success in educational organizations. It is possible to say that the emotion management behaviors of the administrators in educational institutions have an effect on the motivation and organizational commitment of the individuals, since the administrators in the schools are in a position to affect the entire process in order for the organization to reach the goal in terms of their position. It is thought that the high levels of emotional management of the administrators working in educational institutions can also provide organizational commitment by increasing individuals' job satisfaction, work efficiency and the quality of the service provided.

School Administrator, Emotion Management, Organizational Commitment


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