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Political divergence between the Central European states at the end of the First World War and some change movements in the former Ottoman Empire caused a new team dynamics and conditions. Treaty of Sevres was Turkey's death rationing. With this examination, the Ottoman Empire between England, France, Italy and Greece in their Balkans was under way. The sultan and his government were so-called judges, but were in fact a prisoner of allies and occupation armies. Syria and Cilicia came under French rule. Mesopotamia was a British mill. Izmir was a Greek province. Italians were trying to take the population of Konya. This is nothing less than the division of the remaining Turkish territory in the war which was dictated by the government of Damat Ferit Pasha who was deprived of the population and power. Twelve years as a result of continuous battles of poor people who have been devastated and devastated. But the sudden resistance of these people to their land, their lives and their sacred values was unexpected for their enemies. ational War victories finalize the new Turkey, he has kept a completely peaceful path in foreign policy since the Treaty 1923loz. Old and established an empire over large parts of the territory of a new Turkish state, on 23 April 1920 opening Grand National Assembly of Turkey began work in Ankara. On May 2, the selection of the Chief Executive made by the Council and a representative from the ink on Grand National Assembly of Turkey had formed the government. The Grand National Assembly, which had the power and power of the nation, was, of course, entrusted with the delegation of the Executive Committee with the administration and administration of external politics. Tokat Mebusu Bekir Sami Bey appointed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ith the Treaty of Sevres, we have now understood that it is not possible to reach an agreement and an agreement within the National Pact with the Entente States that insist on their great judgments and decisions against our freedom and independence. The status of the victorious states against our national politics was hostile with one word. They didn't want to know our right to life, freedom, independence. The Bolsheviks, which dominated the fate of Russia, were waging war on various fronts with the Entente States. The imperialist and the capitalists, who were struggling to get rid of the yoke of the capital, proclaimed in principle that they would accept all kinds of material and moral assistance to the nations of the nation in front of the cihan. On the other hand, a few months after the Sivas Congress (4 September 1919), he had secretly sent the ChalveEliava, the Commander in Chief of the Caucasian Bolshevik armies of the Soviet Russian Government, to Istanbul to look into the final situation of the Ottoman Empire. ChalvaEliava had contacted the Anatolian operation through our national organization in Istanbul and reported that they would fully recognize, reinforce and help the Turkish national rights in the face of imperialism. He had been in Berlin for a while later. The Bolshevik messenger Redek, one of the leading figures of the Third International, had contacted him, believing that the former Grand Vizier Talaat Pasha in Berlin had a close relationship with the Anatolian national movement. Radek, former Harbiye Minister Enver and former Navy Minister Cemal Pasha sent to Moscow, promised that these two pasha will help ensure the Anatolian movement. Enver and Cemal pashas had left Berlin on various dates and in other ways. Cemal Pasha, before his friend had gone to Moscow. Turkish official delegation was on the way. Russian Soviet government in various ways from the contact calls with Turkey, even the person without interest and Anatolian Revolution, upon entering into negotiations account nam Ankara, to collect only one channel these contacts, conducting negotiations with the official and authorized persons and Moscow with the aim of reaching a deal with the possible suitable condition a It was decided to send the executive board. The chairman of the Foreign Minister Bekir Sami Bey, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Economics Yusuf Kemal (Tengirşek), Doctor Miralay Ibrahim Tali, (Foreseller), Rize Mebusu Osman, the Governor of the district of Harbiye Seyfi (General Seyfi Düzgören) was made up of gentlemen.

Keywords: Turkey Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Russia, Chicherin, Karahan


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